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Altoids Tin Craft Forest Pretend Play

I am excited you share this adorable project with you today!
This is so easy to make and and it will bring joy to the child that receives it.
This DIY craft is a great way to teach recycling and crafting.
It is also a great way to create a quiet toy, and a great way to unplug them for a little while.

Well let's get started!

We started by collecting Altoids tins. We did not paint the tins because we covered them with felt. And added embellishments to them. A quick decorative stitch around the edges of the felt and a tiny bee button added to create a whimsical look. My son suggested that we add the white yarn to show that the bee is flying around.
Tip: Glue your felt to the tin with craft glue.

On to the character, we decided to use a small wood toy person. These can be purchased at your local craft store. 

The hat was made my cutting felt into a triangle shape and hand stitching up the back with gold embroidering thread. I added tiny beads around the crown of the hat with red embroidering thread.

 On one inside panel of the tin we added teal felt for the sky, and a flower stem (cut from felt) and a crocheted a tiny yellow flower. You can sew a red button onto your flower before you glue it to the felt. Your character can snuggle in bed and look at the sky and watch the flowers bloom!

The other panel of the tin was created with green felt to give the illusion of green grass.  For our pillow we cut two small rectangles from red felt and hand stitched around it and stuffed it with pillow stuffing. Sew it completely closed to finish.

Since our little forest character is sleeping in the middle of NATURE we decided to give him a little tiny leaf  for a blanket. 
You can find the pattern to the leaf at the BOTTOM of this page.

The wood slice that the character is standing on was recycled from our Christmas Tree!

This project is a wonderful way to introduce crochet and needlework to young children. It allows their imagination to blossom. Feel free to try different ideas like changing the characters hat or the color of the pillow. The possibilities are endless. This make great gift QUIET PLAY for little hands.
You can make your leaf different sizes by changing the size of your crochet hook.

The Little Leaf Pattern

ch 6
sl st in 2nd chain from the hook
sc in next ch st
6hdc in the next ch st
Sc into the next sy ch 3 sl st in 2nd ch from hook
sc in the next ch st
6hdc in the next st
sc in the next ch st
sl st into the top of the first st weave through finish off.

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  1. Just remembered I could comment on here too! hehe! Adorable! I know some little ones who will LOVE those!

  2. I thought they would. .......we really enjoyed creating them.


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