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Best Princess Ideas for a Bridal/Party Ever!

You have just come across some of the BEST Princess Bridal/Party ideas EVER!

It could be a bridal party or a birthday party you are throwing!
Either way these ideas will be perfec for your BASH!

Feel free to snag some ideas from here to use in your own party!

Once Upon a Time 

Princess Pictures cut out of Vintage Book
Old Window From Habitat Restore
 Gold Lamps Painted Heirloom White with matching shades
Letter are printed on Little House on Prairie Paper
White Table Cloths
White tule and white lights underneath

The letters are strung with jute twine and secured with tape.

Happily Ever After strung at bottom.
Scrapbook paper was used to put behind the letters. Pink and Teal.
Safety Pin Underneath so does not show.

                         On the Porch

We included pumpkins because it is fall and Cinderella's pumpkin was used to make the carriage in the story.
We used white pumpkin with "Happily Ever After" and "Be Our Guest" signs that greeted our "guest". 
Two of the orange pumpkins adorned the names of the bride and groom to be.

On the Coffee Table

 is a beautiful pink carriage and little blue shoe papers to allow guest to leave little prayers, wishes and notes for the bride and groom to be.

The back of the carriage has satin ribbon on the back of it.
Each ribbon has a storybook charm, a frog with a crown, bride and groom clothing, a silver carriage, a red rose under glass, a heart with writing, a storybook, and so forth. A bracelet is inside the carriage to add the charms to later. Something the bride to have as a keepsake. :)

The Bathroom
 The whole day would not have been complete without the famous "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" We wrote this in lipstick.
We filled a bottle with water and green food coloring. We attached a tag that reads "POTION" we added a shiny red apple. The mirror was stuck to the wall with Command Strips, lets just say a whole pack! ha ha
We decided to color the potion green because it look like pure Jealousy!

again the apple goes with the fall them too.

The Food
Here are some photos of the food, there was lots of food!
we did not get it all, there was also punch and BBQ meatballs.

Fairy-tale Sandwiches

These were cut into pumpkin, glass slippers, frogs and crown shapes.
Chicken salad was the filling.

Cinderella's Brooms
Cheese sticks with pretzel rods .

Jasmen's Mints
Peppermint mints in puff shapes.

Cinderella's Magic Pumpkins

Cuties with celery pieces for pumpkin stems.

Bell's Cupcakes

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes homemade with Wilton's buttercream frosting in yellow. The red roses were purchased at Walmart for less than five dollars a box. 

Sleeping Beauty's Pillows
Marshmallows in pastel colors.

Ariel's Shell Cookies

Nilla wafers, Wilton's buttercream frosting in teal and little white pearl candy.

The Party Favors

Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples with hang tags that say "She picked him" and "He picked her" 
Again going with apples to help keep the fall theme too.

Book page Apple

Just a little something for the couple to take home.
We made this apple from a book we purchased from Goodwill.
We used "Winsor & Newton watercolors.
The "how to" was found on this site.

Our party was a success!
Some of the ideas that were used at our party were found on the internet, books and magazines, but we just did our version. Some of the ideas were something we came up with at the last minute.
We hope they spark your interest and inspire you to create beautiful decor, dishes, and memories.

Having fun while creating is the most important part!

A special thank you go out to those who help make this party turn out so whimsical and special. 
Could not have pulled it off without your help!

These ideas can be used to host birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers... just mix up the ideas a little and you will create the BEST PARTY EVER!

If you have tried some of the ideas above I would love to hear all about it. Leave your comments below.

Happy Creating!