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Homeschooling Exercise Ideas

 Snuggles rides too! Don't fret he is tethered to the basket. No falling out here.

Boy does he love to ride in the park, he barks at people, squirrels, bikes, and pretty much everything!
But he sleeps really good when we get home. :)
The trike is mine, FM keeps my balance off key so I ride a trike so I am still involved in activities with kiddos.

Let me start off by saying kids were created by the Lord to MOVE!
They were designed to crawl, walk, jump, skip, flip, roll, run and overall just move their bodies everyday. This helps to keep them in the perfect balance that was designed to make them healthy and just well, happier to be around as young people.
When kids have not burned off their energy they get grouchy, irritable and moody. Not getting enough exercise causes them to be overweight and feel poorly. They do not think clearly and can have trouble focusing on schoolwork.
That is where our jobs as parents comes in. Get them up and Get them moving!
Here are some ideas that will help you to get your kiddos up and moving.
Warning! You might have to get involved a little here mom and dad.

  • take a walk
  • ride a bike
  • have a pillow fight
  • dance around and act crazy
  • take a pet for a walk
  • swing in a tree swing
  • play with a wagon and pull each other
  • help out with yard work
  • help out with gardening
  • practice cartwheels together
  • run through a sprinkler
  • go sleigh riding
  • push mowing (for older kids)
  • go hiking
  • play hide seek
  • kite flying
  • skating or skateboard
  • ballgame together
  • play in fall leaves
  • play in snow (build fort)
  • museum trips (lots of walking and activities)
  • go to the mall and walk around
  • play freeze tag
  • throw a Frisbee together
  • swimming together and playing in pool
  • corn hole games
  • go to playground
  • shopping (take them with you and get them moving!)
  • cleaning house together
  • other chores 
  • visit hospitals and nursing homes 
  • take them to antique store to walk around (history lesson)