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Our Morning Basket

Our Morning Basket
What is a morning basket?
I am glad you asked.
The simple fact is that for home-school moms it is a life saver!

Some home-school days run smooth and are over in no time.
But some days are slower than molasses.
It seems like you just cannot get going, one chore leads to another, then it is the dreaded phone call that will not end and so on.
I was kind of skeptical about having a morning basket when I first saw one on Pinterest. I could not get the idea of throwing a bunch of books in a basket and then it was suppose to help me get school done faster or more efficient. Boy was I wrong!
I created our family a basket and I use it all the time. I keep most of our books in there that have to be read each week, the kids take them to their rooms to read at night. So what is in the basket you ask?
Well of course a Bible, I put one of theirs in the basket for the photo. They are all reading a book on their own and one for American History too. Some that we are reading are the Story of the Nations 2, Stories of America 2, Louis Pasteur, George Muller, Tree in The Trail, Abraham Lincoln Log Cabin to the White House, Thomas A. Edison (which is on PDF file)

In the morning we do the reading assigned for that day and that takes care of about a 1/3 of lessons for the day. 1/3 is taught together and 1/3 is independent work they do on their own.
Our morning basket helps to knock a dent in school assignments really fast and it keep everything organized too. :)
One thing that helps out is when I come across an article in a magazine that I would like to share with my kids I just earmark it and throw it in the basket and I know that it will be there in the morning.
Who knew one little basket could be such a time saver?

What is in your morning basket?