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Our Art Lessons and Nature Walk

We have studied many artist from Norman Rockwell, Grandma Moses, Michelangelo, Velasquez, Rembrandt and Monet. But this year I have decide to take a break and allow our children really discover the artist in themselves. So we started by purchasing:

Visual Journals
140lb Watercolor-cold press
 High quality brushes
 I bought a set at Hobby Lobby.

We purchased Winsor & Newton pocket size watercolors.

I also purchase a set of plastic shot glasses. Yes, I said shot glasses...but we are using them for a very different reason.
They are perfect for carrying little amounts of water in, and they travel well too.
Just throw a bottled water in your go bag and you are all set.

Now I know you are wondering what do you paint?  This is where you can add in another subject--Nature Notebook and knock out two with one lesson.

Kids Art

Kids Art

Well we have a Nature Walk. This is usually outside in our backyard. But sometimes could be the park, mountains, a trip to grandma's house. We sketch with pencils something from our Nature Notebook assignment, could be spiders and bugs, bushes and shrubs and so forth. I purchased their

 Journaling A Year In Nature here---  click here

Kids Art

One of the best ways to teach your kids about the Lord is a Nature Walk, from tall Lob-lollies to itty bitty Pill bugs. He made it all and it is so interesting to see them capture His creations in their art journals.

So I encourage you to gather some art supplies and head out into nature and capture some beautiful works of art.

By the way, I purchased me a art journal too.
I sketch in mine. We are never to old to learn new talents. :)

Mom's Art

Hint: If you have a bunch of kids like us, just print out coupons to help cut the cost down. Hobby Lobby give 40% off one item.

I would love to see your watercolor creations!