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It's here! Lesson Nine in the series of teaching kids to crochet lessons is finally here! I have been busy with so many other things lately that it got pushed to the back burner. After loading the How To Crochet A Pumpkin tutorial and PATTERN I decided it was time to teach the kiddos the triple crochet stitch.

So I got started on this video, it will be LESSON 9 in the series. It can be found here and on at my educational YOU TUBE CHANNEL Here at our farmhouse in the country we love to learn new things. With all of our children being home-schooled we love handicrafts. You will be able to find lots of home school teaching and learning ideas on my blog under HERE!

In this LESSON I will show you how to build up a wall of crochet (like a castle) and show the techniques of the TRIPLE CROCHET. I create my lessons to be short, simple and to the point. Kids learn fast that way, when taught with lessons that are short they tend to retain what they learn.

Once you master the triple crochet …


It's here that most WONDERFUL time of the YEAR! And it just so happens that my DECEMBER calendar is READY to DOWNLOAD! And as always it's FREE!

You will be able to download a PDF file at the bottom of this page and print your calendar without the watermark.

I have packed it full of ideas and fun events for you and your whole family!
From DECORATING the tree to VISITING grandma!
There will be time for VOLUNTEERING, attending a CHURCH PLAY and seeing a PARADE!
Come along as we build a GINGERBREAD HOUSE or MAKE a  BIRDFEEDER!
There will be something on this calendar for everyone in your family to enjoy doing.
You will schedule time for baking GINGERBREAD COOKIES and  SUGAR COOKIES and let's not forget GRANNY'S OLD FASHIONED FUDGE

You will DOWNLOAD THIS FILE and print you DECEMBER CALENDAR. I stick mine to the FRIDGE and pick off the events and activities t.hat our family like to achieve during the month

You can click on the link throughout this page and they will take you…

How To Crochet A Barbie Doll Hat & Cowl Free Pattern

Looking for that perfect gift or maybe just want to get your little girls excited about crochet! Well here you go!

Nothing is more fun that being able to create your own doll fashion. This FREE CROCHET pattern will guide you through each step as you create a Hat & Cowl set that will fit Barbie or 11.5 inch doll. You doll will be warm and cozy with the winter set. The stocking hat will fit over even the fluffiest doll hair. It is crocheted in a beautiful design. The coordinating winter cowl will keep her neck warm and toasty. Create the hat and cowl in all kinds of colors.
This is an example of the pattern you will receive once you download the PDF file. You will be able to download your copy at the bottom of this page. You can watch the VIDEO of this pattern here on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL.

I show three different color themes in this pattern. You can choose to add tiny buttons with needle and thread. 
Not a fan of written patterns, no problem check out the VIDEO for THIS pattern HERE!

How to Make Herbal Capsules (TURMERIC)

Welcome, if you are already reading this blog post then you must be interested in getting your family healthier and saving money along the way. I am going to walk you through the process of how to make your OWN herbal capsules. It is so simple and easy to create your own capsules and to be able to control what goes in them.  I have a video on my YOU TUBE channel that will walk you through the ease of capsule making.

Watch my video here!

You should be up to making your own capsules in no time at all.

You will need:
capsules size "0" herbs or spices in powder form capsule machine ( We purchased ours from HERE! ) Some containers to put your herbal capsule in for storage.

You can email me at the top of this blog if you need help.


Come along as we create TURKEYS! A step by step guide to crochet turkeys for your FALL gatherings!

You will be able to work from this page using the my crochet pattern or you can print a copy for your pattern stash!
Scroll down for a large view of this pattern.

The ads on this page help me keep my crochet patterns, video lessons, handicraft lessons, Nature Study lessons...etc. FREE! Thanks

How cute is this little TURKEY? He is just hanging out waiting for Thanksgiving Day! He might be a guest on your dinner table but not as the main course. He will be tucked in a dish or be used as a placeholder. Can you imagine Grandma's surprise when she sees this little guy waiting for her on her plate?

This crochet pattern is a great way to use up leftover yarns. Cotton or acrylic work just fine.

Yes, the red part is call a "SNOOD".

I encourage you to play around with different feather colors, maybe even a variegated yarn.

We added two different size eyes so our little Turkey would…