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Valentine's Day FREE Crochet Patterns, Chocolate & Encouragement

It is right around the corner! The day we celebrate love with each other. Dad's, kids, mom and grandparents. Even the dog gets a hug and a special treat!
I am sharing a few of the follower favorites with you to help your celebration be a little more lovable..♥

This crochet pattern is so simple and will get you to create a whole basket full of bookmarks for all the folks on your list! Don't forget to create them is all kinds of colors!
This crochet pattern is free and there is also a video too! CLICK HERE FOR PRINTED CROCHET PATTERN

You can watch the video here!

Sharing that special night with your sweetie? Create a set of these crocheted heart coaster to show your love.

Need a little encouragement this time of year? I have written a tiny blog post that will cheer you up and make you heart more grateful.
JESUS CREATED FRIENDS Of course Valentine's Day would not be Valentine's Day without CHOCOLATE! Here is a simple fun recipe …

Honeysuckle and the Holy Spirit

Many years ago when we moved into our new house I noticed that our land was framed with Honeysuckle. There was honeysuckle everywhere! The blossoms are so pretty and the green foliage is pleasing to the eye as well. But what really captured my attention was the aroma of the blooms, nothing smells like Honeysuckle.  That beautiful aroma of sweetness always stops me in my tracks and remind me that this beautiful creation still outlines our land. It instantly take me back to when the kids were younger and playing with our dogs in the yard. There is never a time that I smell Honeysuckle that my nose does not take me to a time of comfort and sweetness in my life.  In comparison many years ago when receiving the gift of salvation I also received the gift of the Holy Spirit. That part of the trinity that is precious to believers and to me the GPS for my soul and Christian walk. Just like the Honeysuckle that trims our property; He fills my heart with a sweet smelling savour, a gentle remind…

Geraniums and Puzzles

Today was just a normal day, dentist visits with the kids, errands around town and my dad came over and spent some time with us this afternoon. But along the way I noticed somethings that caught my attention. 
At the dentist office the Lord allowed me to walk upon these geraniums on the front porch of our dentist office. Of course I took a photo. Then something touched my heart.

I was visiting a city nearby. A city filled with hate, crime and sin. Although this may be true I also noticed this plant producing such beauty. Just like Christians in a world of turmoil our job is to produce His beautiful light and not focus on the darkness around us. If you look for true will be there. .

We love putting puzzles together at our house. When my dad comes to visit (which is often) I toss one on the table and we talk and work the puzzle like it is a right of passage between a daughter and her dad. As it should be....

A missing piece of puzzle, that is what my life was without knowing t…

Jesus Created Friends

Photo courtesy of my mama's flower garden. ( pink Peony)
Just like Jesus, friends tend to surprise us, touch our hearts, and show us love just when we need it. If I had to give any advice to younger ladies it would be to surround yourself with good Christian friends. Prayer warriors with purpose. Women that have their main focus on the Lord. These are the woman that you will need, the women you will lean on, they will be one of the best tools in your spiritual tool box. They will follow the same Holy Spirit that guides your soul.....they are precious...and you will be so blessed. These beautiful women...🌸

Homeschooling From A Distance and teaching TRUST

Homeschooling From a Distance

One of the hardest lessons I've learned from homeschooling our three kids is to step way and leave them alone. Equipping them with knowledgeunderstanding and tools is important; but the best way to teach your kids sometimes is to reassure them that you TRUST them. It will push them into the confidence they need to accomplish tasks and projects that they would otherwise steer clear of. They will teach each other, set their own classroom environment, and learn to work as a team!

Crocheted Wagon Wheel Coaster Free Pattern

So easy, so cute! These coasters are so fun to create. Don't they look just like old timey wagon wheels?
They make a great gifts! A little something to add the finishing touch to a package or basket. Or make a set of four and give with hot chocolate and tea packs.

You will need the following tools to create this project. H hook Cotton yarn ( I used up some leftover) yarning needle scissors

You will start the pattern as follows,
ch 4 and join in a ring with a sl st.
Round 1: ch 3 1 petal in ring (YO insert hook, draw up a loop) twice, YO draw through all 5 loops on your hook. ch 1 create 7 more petals into the ring. sl st in top of beginning ch. Round 2: ch 2, 1 dc in the 1st ch sp. ch 2 (2 dc,ch 2) in each of the next 7 ch sp. sl st in 2nd  ch at beginning. Round 3 (the edge): ch 1 sl st into wagon wheel section ch 1 3 hdc into section ch 1 sl st into section ch 1 continue around wheel sl st into top of 1 wheel section you started on. finish off and weave in.  Enjoy your wagon whee…

Free Crocheted Rose Spa Scrubbie Pattern

Mother's Day will be here before we know it. I have been thinking lately about what new patterns would be the most used and sought after. Something that would be fun to crochet and also serve as a gift for mom! I have found this one from my archives.
These rose spa scrubbies are so easy to create and make a great addition to lotions and goat milk soaps. I recommend giving a set of three at a time. Go wild with your colors, think bright and cheerful!
These rose spa scrubbies would be beautiful in a bowl or basket sitting in a guest bathroom. Or tie one to a bottle of your favorite bubble bath.
Tools: Cotton yarn (less than a small skein) You will need a tiny bit of white for the center of the flower and to create the hanger A wood toggle button or bead of choice Crochet Hook I or 5.50 Yarn Needle Scissors Bead (optional)

This pattern is worked in rows.
Ch 51

Row 1
In the second ch from the hook sc. Ch 2, skip next ch, sc in the next ch. Repeat sc, ch 2, skip sc, sc in next chain acr…