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Shabby Chic Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

The ads on this page help keep my crochet patterns free. Thanks This is one of the most requested crochet pattern everyone seems to love!
I think that it is because it is so girly, girl!

You can download and print your copy at the bottom of this page.

Or maybe it is the grit stitch that I use to make this dishcloth so fluffy?

Don't be fooled by the daintiness of this Shabby Chic dishcloth! It cleans and handles dirt like a PRO!

It is one of the softest stitches that I have ever done in a dishcloth. It makes this dishcloth thick and full.  

The buttery, fluffy ruffle is not just for looks. It helps to clean your dishes, your counter tops and stoves too! I have a glass top stove and it keeps it sparkling!

Look close and you will see that the ruffle is tight and full.

I crocheted this dishcloths' body in sunshine yellow and added a white, blue and yellow variegated ruffled border.

You will want to make these for gifts to give your friends. Make them in all kinds of colors!

This …


The ads on this page help keep this pattern and ones like it FREE! Thanks..
This is one of my favorite patterns. It creates the most adorable shoes that will fit your American Girl doll and most 18" dolls. It works up super quick and created a great gift for your doll lover!

This pattern was created by me in my workshop. I just used some leftover yarn from a bigger project and a couple of honey bee buttons.

You can download and print this pattern at the bottom of this page.

I get many questions about the yellow sprinkles in the photo! I will let you in on a clue? Bees make it!

You guessed it Organic Bees Wax! I use it to create home made salves for our family. I just had to add some to the photos!

You can buy little bee buttons at your local craft stores.
Feel free to change with colors of yarn and the buttons.
You could do red yarn and add Christmas buttons, pink yarn and add their favorite princess buttons, or make a pair to add to their favorite outfit.

This shows the inside …

FREE Primitive Sheep Crochet Pattern with Vintage Clothespin Legs

All things PRIMITIVE, that is what I love. Things that tell stories of long ago.

I love a home filled with antiques, old things, and vintage finds. From the rocker on the front porch,  to the rag doll hanging on the pie safe and the crock on the hearth I love being surrounded by all things OLD.

I also love to crochet and I love to write patterns that make me happy!
I purchased some vintage clothespins at a tag sale a while back and just could not think of how to display them. I already have some in a mason jar on the kitchen hutch.
These needed new life, a life with purpose.
Then it hit me, I would combine my love for sheep with my love for crochet and add them in as SHEEP LEGS!
That is when this little crochet pattern was BORN!

You will be able to download you PDF file at the bottom of this page.

I started with the body. It is crocheted in a beige cotton yarn.

The blanket is crocheted in a beautiful gold cotton.

I adorned my sheep's blanket with a primitive star button.

The sheep&#…

Farmhouse Yeast Roll Recipe

OK, let's talk about yeast rolls!

There are different types of rolls,frozen,bakery and restaurant style.

OK, I am not talking about any of those in this post. I am going to show you how to make yours homemade from scratch and you are going to fall in love with the texture, density, and buttery flavor of this recipe.

This will most likely be your new GO TO RECIPE for all your meals, holiday gatherings and 

The first thing to note is to buy quality bread flour. I buy mine in 20 lb bags at SAM'S CLUB.
If you are not that committed just yet a bag of KING ARTHUR or Gold Medal bread flour will do just fine.
If you use anything other than BREAD FLOUR you rolls will result in FAILURE!

I use my bread machine dough setting to knead my dough and help it to rise. You can use a kitchen stand mixer or knead by hand, you just want the dough kneaded thoroughly for this recipe.

FARMHOUSE YEAST ROLL RECIPE 1 cup water 3 tsp yeast 2 TBS butter (melted) 1 egg  3 1/4 flour (a little extra for the bowl la…

Colonial Williamsburg Home School Hacks

Colonial Williamsburg is a living history museum and private foundation presenting part of an historic district in the city of Williamsburg, VA  

THE 18 CENTURY--our journey as a home school family.
We have been studying early American history in our home-school this year. We felt like our children needed to know the sacrifices that others made to get us to where we are today. Our freedoms were bought with a price, our country is here because of hard working, passionate, God fearing folks who believed in something that was worth the struggle and pursuit of seeing this country flourish to what we have today. We thank them for their endeavors. with that said.... What better way to bring that to life than with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, VA
You can encourage your students to bring a clipboard to take notes or let them learn by taking photos of your historic outing.
Talk about the things they learn and the new things that they see. Encourage questions about the ev…