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DIY RUSTY GRUNGY CANS One of our antique booths in Virginia. I just fell in love with the way these upcycled food cans turned out. After you learn this easy technique you will be rusting all kinds of treasures. After studying several techniques online I found this one to be my favorite. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: clean upcycled can Paintbrushes old newspaper to cover the table mouthwash cups or small recycled cups of choice  black acrylic paint brown acrylic paint cinnamon old newspapers or papers of choice modge podge  I worked from my kitchen table, this crafting technique smells amazing.  Perfect for a rainy day.  I poured my paint into mouthwash cups, one with brown and one with black. First: Starting with the black paint, simply paint your can all over the outside surface. Don't let it dry, go directly to the next step. Next: This is the fun part, using your brown paint simply blob is all over the surface of the wet black paint, Creating as much texture as possible. Then: you are goi

DIY Gnome Yarn Ornaments

                                         DIY Gnome Yarn Ornaments Well it is truly here again! That beautiful time of the year , don't you just love Christmas? I was thinking  o f starting the season off with a fun craft so we are going to create Gnomes !        I have created a video that you can watch on the You Tube channel. Click the link  HERE So grab you yarn, scissors and some craft supplies and head over to the You Tube channel and lets have fun creating these cute gnomes! These gnomes would look great on a Christmas tree, attached to a wreath or simply add them as a finishing touch to a gift!  Thank you for stopping by the blog! There are lots of videos, free patterns, crochet lessons and more here, so grab a cup of coffee and stay a while. Other Christmas craft you might like! DIY Christmas Mason Jar Rings Crocheted Snowflakes YOU TUBE VIDEO

Valentine's Day FREE Crochet Patterns, Chocolate & Encouragement

FREE CROCHET PATTERNS, CHOCOLATE & ENCOURAGEMENT VALENTINE'S DAY It is right around the corner! The day we celebrate love with each other. Dad's, kids, mom and grandparents. Even the dog gets a hug and a special treat! I am sharing a few of the follower favorites with you to help your celebration be a little more lovable..♥ CROCHETED HEART BOOK MARKS This crochet pattern is so simple and will get you to create a whole basket full of bookmarks for all the folks on your list! Don't forget to create them is all kinds of colors! This crochet pattern is free and there is also a video too! CLICK HERE FOR PRINTED CROCHET PATTERN You can watch the video here! LOOK HOW CUTE! Sharing that special night with your sweetie? Create a set of these crocheted heart coaster to show your love. Need a little encouragement this time of year? I have written a tiny blog post that will cheer you up and make

Homeschooling From A Distance and teaching TRUST

Homeschooling From a Distance One of the hardest  lessons  I've learned from  homeschooling  our three kids is to step way and leave them alone. Equipping them with  knowledge ,  understanding  and  tools  is important; but the best way to teach your  kids  sometimes is to reassure them that you  TRUST  them. It will push them into the confidence they need to accomplish tasks and projects that they would otherwise steer clear of. They will  teach  each other , set their own  classroom  environment , and learn to  work  as a  team !   Conquering  a new  lifeskills  is just a bonus! They will let you know if they need you....until then step away and  enjoy  your fruit! 😍

Crocheted Wagon Wheel Coaster Free Pattern

So easy, so cute! These coasters are so fun to create. Don't they look just like old timey wagon wheels? They make a great gifts! A little something to add the finishing touch to a package or basket. Or make a set of four and give with hot chocolate and tea packs. You will need the following tools to create this project. H hook Cotton yarn ( I used up some leftover) yarning needle scissors You will start the pattern as follows, ch 4 and join in a ring with a sl st. Round 1: ch 3 1 petal in ring (YO insert hook, draw up a loop) twice, YO draw through all 5 loops on your hook. ch 1 create 7 more petals into the ring. sl st in top of beginning ch. Round 2: ch 2, 1 dc in the 1st ch sp. ch 2 (2 dc,ch 2) in each of the next 7 ch sp. sl st in 2nd  ch at beginning. Round 3 (the edge): ch 1 sl st into wagon wheel section ch 1 3 hdc into section ch 1 sl st into section ch 1 continue around wheel sl st into top of 1 wheel section y

Free Crocheted Rose Spa Scrubbie Pattern

Mother's Day will be here before we know it. I have been thinking lately about what new patterns would be the most used and sought after. Something that would be fun to crochet and also serve as a gift for mom! I have found this one from my archives. These rose spa scrubbies are so easy to create and make a great addition to lotions and goat milk soaps. I recommend giving a set of three at a time. Go wild with your colors, think bright and cheerful! These rose spa scrubbies would be beautiful in a bowl or basket sitting in a guest bathroom. Or tie one to a bottle of your favorite bubble bath. Tools: Cotton yarn (less than a small skein) You will need a tiny bit of white for the center of the flower and to create the hanger A wood toggle button or bead of choice Crochet Hook I or 5.50 Yarn Needle Scissors Bead (optional) This pattern is worked in rows. Ch 51 Row 1 In the second ch from the hook sc. Ch 2, skip next ch, sc in

The Diagonal Crochet Coaster Tutorial free

This is the easiest pattern for create fast and fun gifts for the whole family! With one stitch you will be able to create these crochet coasters! Video Tutorial This is a video lesson and you can follow along by clicking the link above. If you would like you can make this pattern a bit larger and create a pot holder. Pot Holder Pattern Looking for more freebies? Subscribe to my YOU TUBE channel  here! You can download and print tons of free patterns at my blog by clicking the link  here! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crocheting